Nissan uses project44 to provide supply visibility

Automakers have had to get creative to strengthen their supply chains in the face of production delays, transportation issues and parts shortages.

The Movement platform supports all modes of transportation, expands the reach of carriers and allows Nissan to use data in more diverse ways, a Nissan spokesman said.

“Information about the movement of shipments to their destination can be viewed through the project44 platform,” says Nissan. “Because the information is made available via an API, it is possible to structure the data so that further analysis can be performed in-house.” available directly to the consumer,” said Adam Compain, vice president of product marketing at project44.According to Compain, it works by connecting to Nissan’s carrier and freight network and integrating with IT systems currently in use, including scheduling, order management, ERP, TMS, WMS and other systems. The Motion platform will also enable Nissan to better monitor Scope 3 emissions and make informed decisions to meet supply chain sustainability goals, Compain said.

Nissan plans to use the project44 platform in its global operations, but due to differences in infrastructure and regulations in each country and region, the automaker plans to phase out the feature.

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